5 Definitive Reasons To Bring Shaktimaan Back On TV

11:00 pm 29 May, 2014

We live in the age of Darkness: the age where global warming threatens to eradicate us all, the age in which there are more tone-deaf trashy teenagers than there are terrorist organizations, the age in which people degrade, humiliate and embarrass each other using the power of technology. And the one man who could have saved us all is lost to a bunch of rumours. Shaktimaan was the most popular superhero in the Indian Sub-Continent. He is the most unique (in superpowers, from show to show) we have, although we also have Krrish who has the amazing ability to do bicycle his legs a running motion as he jumps between places, increasing his resistance, reducing his speed and inevitably making him late for every situation. No child born in the 90’s dare forget him (Shaktimaan). And today, we will strive to bring our fallen hero back :

5. Darn! Where is India’s Superman?

Besides animating our famous mythological heroes, Indian superheroes are few and far from attraction (not physically, although that’s works here as well). India needs a superhero. And Shaktimaan, who is actually the closest rip-off of Superman you’ll ever find, is actually much more powerful than him. He can fly, melt metals, control the forces of nature, teleport (which makes the fly thing completely pointless) and come up with astounding new abilities as and when the need arises. So, he’s….everything? Yes! He’s also immortal, which is always good for marketing because who doesn’t love a superhero show they can run forever?

Definitive Reasons To Bring Shaktimaan Back On TV

4. A Desperate Need of Indianness

Let’s face it. Almost every superhero created till date is basically a publicity stunt to promote the country. Some of them are really subtle (like in Spiderman 3, when he lands on the roof of a building and they show a giant American flag in the background). So why shouldn’t we? Shaktimaan promoted our cultural practices and also a bit about our past like how the Suryavanshis established themselves after the War of Mahabharata. Just like our favourite Western counterpart, it is our duty to do so subtly.

Definitive Reasons To Bring Shaktimaan Back On TV

3. The Best Pal of Kids in India

Inspite the completely misleading rumours of violence related incidents in the show, Shaktimaan has always had a way of educating kids. In Shaktimaan, the last few minutes of the show are always reserved for a special appearance from our favorite superhero to give a speech to his enthralled  audience on any one specific topic either relating to the show or in general to life. This aspect of the show allowed Shaktimaan to become acceptable in the eyes of the parents, who then encouraged their kids away from mind-numbing shows (like almost everything on nickelodeon today) in favor of Shaktimaan.

Definitive Reasons To Bring Shaktimaan Back On TV

2. One Man Army

Shaktimaan is a wolf pack all by himself. Unlike his Western counterparts, he cannot call out to the billionaire philanthropist super-human shadow of the night (Batman) who is most famously associated with Superman and in some movies, even his best friend. Our Shaktimaan does it all by himself without breaking a sweat, literally. Seeing as our superhero database has dwindled to a halt thanks to the magnificent effects associated with our animated movies and the outrageously original concepts for new superheroes, we are in dire need of Shaktimaan once again.

Definitive Reasons To Bring Shaktimaan Back On TV

1. It Can Beat the Crap Out of Other Nasty TV Shows

There’s a reason Shaktimaan was banned from National Television all those years ago and that’s because it was insanely popular. Shaktimaan boosted Doordarshan’s (the then television show on which it aired) rating and propelled it to the peak of popularity, leaving its mark on the Indian Television history! In fact, its popularity still remains unmatched by any show aired on our channels today, by sole viewership ratings. The popularity of Shaktimaan made our country look down upon it as a dangerous show in which kids enacted scenes from the show which could actually harm them. And this was the main reason Shaktimaan was barred from Indian Television.

Definitive Reasons To Bring Shaktimaan Back On TV

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