5 Common Problems Faced By Tall Girls

11:00 pm 14 Jan, 2014

Most of us admire and envy those long legged models who walk down the ramp. Unfortunately, being tall has its own drawbacks, especially for girls who face many common problems in their lives. From hearing odd comments, nicknames to being bullied, tall girls are not easily accepted in society. But then we can say neither the short, thin, fat nor any type of girl can escape such treatment from fellow human beings. People tend to be rude, shocked and act unashamed at anyone who is different from them. Tall girls easily attract attention due to their height. No matter if they have glowing skin, beautiful eyes or luscious lips, it is their height that begets comments. They cannot be invisible in the crowd. Here are 5 common problems faced by tall girls you may be unaware of if you haven’t walked in their shoes.

5. You should be a model

A tall girl can be singer, artist, doctor or scientist, but she often gets to hear that she is fit to be a model. People do not tend to ask her whether she really wants to be a model or not, but generously pass on their comments. Second in the line will be asking her whether she is a basket ball or volleyball player. Just because a girl is taller than average woman does not mean her career choices are limited. She can be as smart as any one of you, or more considering your insensitivity.

5 Common Problems Faced By Tall Girls

4. Can I hide behind you?

Apart from getting curiously stared at by strangers, tall girls face peculiar problems from familiar people. Friends and family tend to use her as a shield to hide from someone they do not want to meet. Worse, when out in sun, they may just linger in her shadow. Somehow they miss to see that the girl is feeling embarrassed and awkward due to such behavior, especially from her loved ones.

5 Common Problems Faced By Tall Girls

3. Fashion Fiasco

Where do all those tall leggy models get their clothes from? Because, in reality even a 5’11” woman will have trouble finding right sized clothes in regular stores. All fitted clothing in standard ranges is cut to suit regular proportions for women with average height, forgetting that tall girls need more length in the body. Moreover, they never get clothes or shoes during the sales when there is huge discount on limited stuff. Women who are nearly 6 feet tall have bigger feet, but most of the stores do not have footwear for women in their size.

5 Common Problems Faced By Tall Girls

2. Wearing heels is crime

People tend to forget that wearing heels is a fashion statement and personal choice, which has nothing to do with a girl’s height. They often give looks at the tall girl in high heels as though she is a criminal, who is trying hard to make them look small. Why should a stiletto lover allow her height to interfere with her craze for high heeled shoes? Flats are comfortable and good, but if a girl doesn’t want to wear them, she has a choice. People need to understand that it is her choice to wear heels and they have no say in it, even if she is obstructing their view for the show.

5 Common Problems Faced By Tall Girls

1. Where are the tall, dark and handsome guys

Tall girls have tough time finding partners, because even petite girls want guys who are tall, dark and handsome. Even though a girl would look OK with a guy who is a feet taller than her, the tall girl with a partner who is way shorter than her does not make a good pair. Guys feel intimidated by girls who are taller than them. Even if they are attracted to the tall girl, they sure would hesitate to approach her. The first question a tall girl would hear on announcing that she is in love with someone is, “How tall is he?” It is going to be tough dating for the tall girls, until we broaden our horizons and do not make it a norm for men to be taller than their female partners.

5 Common Problems Faced By Tall Girls

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