5 Best Social Media Measurement Tools

7:50 am 3 Jun, 2013

Social media measurement tools

As marketers, we believe social media measurement is going to revolutionize how we connect with our customers and audience.

You need social media measurement strategy if you are a small and medium business owner and manage all social media activities yourself. You need to measure your own brand value as well as your competitors and track your progress regularly.

Social media tools can make your life a lot easier by filtering all the relevant data on the web and using metrics to give you an objective view of your brand positioning.

social media measurement tools


Here are some of the best Social Media Measurement Tools which can help you to achieve the desirable target for your company/organization: 

5. UberVU-Real Time Social Media Analytics:

  • Understand your audience.
  • Find marketing insights.
  • Marketing and optimization.
  • Audit and reporting.
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs and many more which are yet  to come are all beef-up and heighten up using this tool very easily. Your social media profile as well as your brand image can be easily briddle up using this tool.

A feature  which detect millenary signals like influencer mentions, fasten the  volume and sentiment and more. It also help you to ooze current information for your audience .

Social media measurement tools

4. SproutSocial-Social Media Management:

  • Engagement : Engage with your audience and route issues to iternal systems.
  • Publishing : Publish your marketing messages to twitter, facebook and linkedin.
  • Analytics : Integrated analytics on all of your social media efforts.
If you’re using social media correctly to promote your business and to  promote your business like crazy. Why just wait to see what else has their opinion for you ? Business is all about enhancing your marketing skills  and promoting your organization, and Sprout Social let’s you do that easily as well.

Social media measurement tools


3. Spredfast-Social Media Management:

  • Social Awareness : Listening, aggregating and prioritizing signals.
  • social Engagement : Publishing, interaction and activation on all channels.
  • Social coordination : Organizing and managing people.
  • Social Measurement : Tracking, analysis and reporting.
  • social Integration : Archiving of all social data in one place.
It helps in building the engaged social network  and faster response to crisis resulting in positive sentiment.

Social media measurement tools


2. Sysomos-Business Intelligence for Social Media:

  • Social media monitoring.
  • Analytics and insights.
  • Engagement and management.
Sysomos provides both social media monitoring across the web (share of voice) and management of your company accounts including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and Google+.




1. Viralheat-Social Media Simplified:

  • Monitor : Complete monitoring of conversations.
  • Analyze : Turn in depth analytics.
  • Sentiment : View sentiment analysis.
  • Influencers : Identify online advocates for your brand and products.
  • Leads : Understands audience intents.
  • Reports : Understands the ROI and flexible reporting.
It allows users to get their profile easily search across the web in there social media to enhance their business and compare their brand mentions to competitors.

Social media measurement tools

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