5 Badass Last Words Said By Soldiers Facing Death

9:27 am 4 Nov, 2013

When facing imminent death, men are either reduced to a scared mess or raised to heroic heights. People say all kinds of things as their last words before facing death. Only a few manage to say something totally badass that leaves a legacy long after they are gone. Soldiers have been recorded to say certain last words before facing their deaths that would make any Hollywood screenwriter hide his face in shame for not coming up with something that awesome. Here are 5 totally badass last words of some dying soldiers that make you wonder about their invincible spirit.

5. “I could shoot better!”

Hannie Schaft

Hannie Schaft wasn’t technically a soldier but she was a Dutch resistance fighter during WWII who fought the Nazis by distributing resistance newsletters and stealing ID cards for her Jewish friends. She was arrested on April 17, 1945. She was sentenced to death after days of interrogation. When two soldiers brought her outside to shoot her, she said these lines when one of them shot her at close range and missed! Now that’s one way to go and leave your murderers feeling inept and cowardly.

5 Badass Last Words Said By Soldiers Facing Death

4. “I am not ordering you to attack. I am ordering you to die.”

Lt. Colonel Mustafa Kemal

Lt. Colonel Mustafa Kemal was a Turkish commander during the First World War. On April 25, 1915 British warships were closing in on Battleship Hill. The Turkish soldiers were badly outmatched in both number and arms. When he saw a few Turkish soldiers running away from the British he stopped them and said these totally awesome line. It inspired the soldiers and they fought as if they had nothing to lose and actually managed to hold off the allies till reinforcements arrived and the Turks ended up winning the Battle of Gallipoli. Kemal went on to become the president of the Turkish Republic. Any man who can motivate other men to go and die, has to be a great leader.

5 Badass Last Words Said By Soldiers Facing Death

3. “We will firght them Sir, until hell freezes over, and then we will fight them on the ice!”

A Confederate Officer

This is what an officer of the Confederacy told General Lee before the Battle of Gettysburg. Both sides knew that the battles were going to be very costly and the South was outnumbered and knew it was probably the beginning of the end. At such a time it is hard to keep up morale of an army but if you have soldiers such as this one then you have no problem. Considering the huge number of casualties that both sides suffered, the officer who said these lines most probably died too.


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