A Bangalore Girl Chased Her Molester, Then Apprehended And Handed Him Over To Police

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6:17 pm 3 Oct, 2015

Making a statement against eve-teasers across India, a 25-year-old girl in Bangalore stood up against a drunken groper in the middle of a busy road.

Remi Rusha Sen, who is an senior executive at Bangalore’s JW Marriott, was crossing the busy Vittal Mallya Road at around 8:45 pm, when she was groped from behind.

The molester, who was sitting on the back seat of an auto, had tried to pull her skirt down. He then fled.


Though shocked, Sen was quick to gather her wits and gave a chase to the molester.

She immediately caught an auto and chased the pervert’s auto for half a kilometre before apprehending him in front of the Navnit Motors on Lavelle Road.

The high drama gathered a huge crowd. Sen had, during her chase, called her boss and informed him of what had happened.

Her boss called the Cubbon Park Police, who had arrived at the spot soon.


Recalling the incident Remi told the Bangalore Mirror:

“There was a strong stench of alcohol emanating from the pervert, and he began pleading for mercy claiming he hailed from a good family, and was married with children, but I refused to listen,”

She then went on to lodge an FIR against the accused. The cops discovered that the pervert was a former auto rickshaw driver, whose vehicle had been seized a few months ago.

Sen was all praises for the cops and said they encouraged her action and were very supportive.

“The police said most victims of eve-teasing did not stand up for themselves. Police are also collecting CCTV footage from the camera installed at the exit gate of UB City as evidence.”

Sen who belongs to Kolkata has been a resident of Bengaluru for past 10 years but this was the first time such an incident has taken place with her.

“If this can happen to someone just crossing the road home from their workplace on a busy street like Vittal Mallya Road, I shudder to imagine what could happen anywhere else.”

The deputy commissioner of police (Central), Sandeep Patil was also prises about Sen and said the victim showed great presence of mind.

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