Bihar’s Super 30 Continues To Shine, 25 Students Crack IIT-JEE

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3:39 pm 19 Jun, 2015

Among the thousands who cleared the Indian Institute of Technology – Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), are 25 students who could hardly make their ends meet while they prepared for the exam. But thanks to Bihar’s Super 30 that gave direction and guidance to their efforts, ensuring their tales of success, reports IBN Live.

The Super 30 students who made it to IIT are the sons of a daily wage earner, a roadside vendor, a private tutor and a magazine vendor. They were groomed by Anand Kumar and other teachers as part of the programme. 

In Super 30, Anand Kumar selects 30 meritorious students every year, mostly from poor families and grooms them for IIT. The students stay with Anand and are provided free food and accommodation. Anand bears the expenses on his own, with no donations from anyone.


Speaking about another successful stint of Super 30, Kumar said:

“Super 30 is just a big family for me, which my wife, brother, mother and all my team members get attached to. In today’s materialistic world, this is what gives me solace and strength to carry on.”


The parents of the successful aspirants also didn’t forget to hail Kumar for their children’s success. Yogeshwar Kumar, an agricultural laborer and father of successful aspirant Prem Pal, said:

“Had Anand Sir’s Super 30 not been there, my son would not have been able to study at all. How can I afford all this? Anand Sir was like ‘another father’ to my son.”


However, the highlight of this year’s Super 30 performance was that of Sujit Kumar, who had failed to qualify to crack the entrance examination last year. This year, he was kept as the 31st student, in an exception to the usual practice. 

Speaking about Sujit’s success, Kumar said:

“Technically, we had kept him as the 31st student, as he wanted to appear for the JEE again, but could not do so staying at home due to poverty. He stayed and made it. His passion helped other students as well.”


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