25 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Buy Bottled Water Again

3:00 am 2 Jun, 2014

We really need to get hydrated when we are out in the summers. And, the easiest way out? Buying a bottle of water from the nearest store and having it, isn’t it? But, do you know how much harm you are inflicting on yourself as well as on our planet? The best thing you could have done was carrying a bottle of tap water from home! It’s as easy as that and cheaper too. Have a look at the reasons to find out the mess that these bottled waters are doing to the Earth:

1. Total waste of money

For the record, the world consumes an approximate of 100 billion dollars of bottled water each year, and that could be around 50 billion of those bottles. What a waste!


2. Tap water – as good as always

You haven’t the slightest idea how cheap the good-old tap water is. It’s almost 300 to 2000 times less than the price you pay for bottled water.


3. Believe in statistics

Statistics hold that bottled water costs 7.50 dollars per gallon on an average. Tap water? It’s a humble 0.002 dollars per gallon. Need you ask more?

Believe in statistics

4. Burning oil for water. Is it what you need?

The OMG factor? A whooping 17 million barrels of oil are required for the production of these disposable bottles for bottled water per year.


5. Time to cut surging petrol prices

As a result, fuel falls short for 1 million cars in one year. You see why petrol prices are about to reach Mt. Everest?

Time to cut surging petrol prices

6. Stop drinking oil

You thought 17 million barrels was all? Here you are: More than 50 million barrels of oil are required each year to pump, process, transport and refrigerate bottled water. That’s what the Earth Policy Institute says. There’s scope to find more avenues yet.


7. Misusing transportation

40,000 18-wheelers are required every week for the transportation of bottled water. These could have been put to better use. Tap water? Just a walk from your room to the kitchen. Which is easier?

Misusing transportation

8. Wasting water for so called drinkable water

The water required to make bottled water is three times the amount inside the bottle. Imagine how much is wasted to produce that much.

Wasting water for so called drinkable water

9. It’s peak time to save energy

Energy costs too are astonishingly low for tap water than bottled water. Production of bottled water requires 2000 times the energy cost of the production of tap water.

It's peak time to save energy

10. Protect environment

If not in a store, you’ve at least once got a glimpse of bottled water on the roadside, crushed and broken. You can’t say no! That’s where these heavily toxic bottles end up after the water is done with. Most of these bottles end up in landfills.

Protect environment

11. Stuffing our earth with toxic waste

Toxic chemicals from these bottles get released once they get decomposed. But this process takes an average of 450 years.

Stuffing our earth with toxic waste

12. A direct attack on natural water resources

Shortage of naturally available water? Blame it on bottled water again. There are some bottlers who extract the water used in the process of bottling from springs and aquifers, which, in turn, dries up wells, helps in depleting wetlands and results in drained rivers. Isn’t the penalty paid huge?


13. Polluting the oceans

These plastic bottles and plastic bags contribute in creating most of the litter that fills oceans and beaches. Statistics say that every square mile of most of the oceans in the world have more than 46,000 pieces of plastic in it. We can reduce that, can’t we?

Polluting the oceans

14. Fooling you with sealed bottles

The obvious complaint that municipality water or tap water is not as clean or safe is wrong. There is no guarantee as to getting cleaner or safer water from bottled water.

Fooling you with sealed bottles

15. And you’re paying tax to those companies

Did you know that about 40% of bottled water comes from Municipal water systems? It’s no better than tap water! You must count the tax you are paying too.

And you're paying tax to those companies

16. The FDA regulation? 

Well, the FDA regulates bottled water that gets sold across state lines only. And that means, it’s just about 30-40% of the total bottled water.

The FDA regulation?

17. Stop consuming chemicals

A recent study of bottled water came out with some terrible inferences. About 22% of the brands tested contained chemicals which were much higher than that prescribed by the state health limits. Can you drink them anymore? I bet you can’t!

top consuming chemicals

18. Playing with your hormone balance

Beware of plastic bottles having the #1 mark. It means that these bottles can leach phthalates into the water. These help in disrupting the hormone balance in human bodies.

Playing with your hormone balance

19. And also your reproductive system

Even the BPA mark is harmful. These too spell hormonal imbalance in human bodies. You can even damage your brain and reproductive system by drinking this water. Stay away.

 And also your reproductive system

20. Re-using those heck of plastic bottles are harmful

Each time you fill in water, they release harmful chemicals which can cause terrible damage to your body. That apart, they can’t be cleaned after a while when the leaching starts.

Re-using those heck of plastic bottles are harmful

21. Recycling is no solution

The NRDC has it that about 13% of those bottles find their places in recycle bins. The rest end up in landfills.

Recycling is no solution

22. Go fashionable with tap water

You just can’t ignore the stylish alternatives that you get for your bottled water. Re-usable water bottles, stainless steel bottles – all come in gorgeous shapes, sizes and colours. Pick and choose your favourite and fill it with tap water. Carrying water bottles just got fashionable!

Go fashionable with tap water

23. People have already started declining bottled water

The New York City’s Fashion Week, Chez Panisse, the city of San Francisco and the Grand Canyon National Park have all literally reduced and even stopped using bottled water. It’s time for you now.

People have already started declining bottled water

24. For your taste buds

Both tap water and bottled water taste the same. There is NO difference.

For your taste buds

25. Take a single step to save the planet

If one person stops buying bottled water it will work wonders, and imagine if all of us stop using it? We can do that for our Earth, can’t we?

Take a single step to save the planet

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