10 Exciting Scientific Discoveries And Inventions Of 2015

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6:00 pm 14 Sep, 2015

Science bridges the gap between yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sometimes, it warns us. Sometimes, it gives us a breathe of relief. 2015 has been quite an interesting year till now as we have discovered some amazing things which could really change the way we see our future.

Let’s check out the top 10 influential discoveries science has made this year!

1. A new specie of human is discovered in SA

An early human ancestor ‘Homo Naledi’ has been discovered  from the richest single hominin assemblage in South Africa. It’s a minimum of 2 million years old, perhaps even close to 3 million, and at the very least, a candidate for the base of our genus. These species display a behavior long believed to be unique to humans, even perhaps a defining feature of our species. It is an enlightening discovery of the origin of Homo sapiens and their diversity at large.
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2. The Earth is entering it’s sixth mass extinction

An expeditious loss of biodiversity over the last few centuries, indicate that a sixth mass extinction is already under way. We might be able to prevent the biodiversity extinction and dissipation of ecosystem but with the average rate of vertebrate species being 100 times more than the background rate, conservation is slowing losing it’s chance. The current extinction rates are far above the “background” rates prevailing between the five previous mass extinctions.
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3. Audi will soon run its cars on air and water

A new fuel, called e-diesel, for internal combustion engines will change the way we see cars and climate change. Sunfire, the company’s pilot plant, uses blue crude as its base which combines electricity to produce hydrogen through reversible electrolysis. The hydrogen and CO2 produce this blue crude which when refined gives us the synthetic e-diesel. It is not only energy efficient but cost efficient as well. The discovery, if commercialized, could prove to be a major mettle for climate change.
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4. Duke announces first ever artificial lab-made contracting human muscle

This discovery by Duke University could revolutionize the way personalized medicines work in the world of health care and bio medical science. The lab-grown human skeletal muscle contracts and responds just like native tissue to external stimuli. The makers aim to ease the process of muscle biopsies and eliminate the risk of subsequent diseases.
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5. Mars finally reveals evidence of liquid water

Mars has been known to be too cold and arid for water to exist in liquid form. There have been evidences of ice deposits and permafrost in the past. However, its the first time NASA’s curiosity rover has found that Martian soil is damp with liquid brine. Although, its a topic of heated discussion as water is only one of the pre-conditions for life to exist, yet this discovery gives way to a lot of possibilities about life on Mars.
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6. A man-made leaf for space travel is invented

It’s been a hiccup for space exploration to continue for long due to lack of oxygen in space. But oxygen requires sweet humble plants. Julian Melchiorri has created the first ever biologically functioning leaf which absorbs the carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. The leaf is made of chloroplasts with stabilizing organelles which is then suspended in the body made of silk proteins. The invention is not only fruitful to space ventures but will also prove to be funadamental to indoor spaces on Earth.
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7. A new antibiotic discovered in 30 years

It is indeed a major breakthrough in the world of medical science and could pave way for many more subsequent discoveries for bacterial infections. The antibiotic called ‘Teixobactin’ can be detrimental in curing a number of diseases, with tuberculosis being one of them. The antibiotic is set to be available commercially in the next five years.
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8. Now an eight minute surgery can give you 20/20 vision

Ocumetics Bionic Lens, a remarkable invention, can give you a perfect vision regardless of your age or health conditions. This could dissipate the need of all types of corrective glasses and contacts. In fact, it’s also said to eliminate the possibility of cataracts in the eyes of the patient getting the lens inserted. It’s a quick, painless surgery ideal for any candidate above the age of 25 years.
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9. Jupiter’s moon has it’s very own ocean

There is confirmed to be a hidden ocean wrapped under the surface of the solar system’s largest planet moon – Gaynemede. Since 1970s there had been speculations, but finally NASA has confirmed the findings. However, layers of ice separate the ocean from the surface. That means Ganymede is less than ideal for life to exist, because it probably lacks a hydrothermal system.
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10. Tattoo removal cream invented by a student

A Phd student has invented a tattoo removal cream which could let us do away with the traditional methods of tattoo removal treatments and still get rid of embarrassing inks. The traditional laser treatment can heat the pigment and cause cells to rupture. This topical cream is said to kill the cells that hold the tattoo pigment without damaging the surrounding cells. Well, we can safely say now ‘once inked, don’t be shy twice!’
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