1. The strike masters who can smash anything, anywhere.

Four best strikers


2. The men who can change the game.

Four game changers


3. If looks could kill these dudes surely will.

Four handsome cricketers


4. The men who can do everything on the ground.

Four best all-rounders


5. The stadiums that look like green pearls.

Four beautiful cricket stadiums


6. These four most-devoted fans.

Four cricket fan or supporters


7. Some who are angrier than angry birds.

Four angry birds in cricket


8. Bombers who can shatter the willow.

Four ball bombers


9. Sleeping dragons the opposition would not like to wake.

Four sleeping dragons in cricket


10. The youngsters for whom it is a coming-of-age event.

Four youngest lads in cricket


11. Body builders who love flexing their muscles.

Four body builders in cricket


12. The defenders of the field.

Four field defenders in cricket


13. WAGS who will raise the temperatures.

Four cricket WAGS


14. Ubiquitous sponsors you can’t ignore.

Four cricket world cup 2015 sponsors


15. Jerseys that are simply super-cool.

Four best cricket uniform 2015 world cup


16. Old horses who will guide the game.

Four oldie in cricket world cup 2015


17. The men who fly on their feet.

four best runner world cup 2015


18. The joy of watching World Cup in 4k.

*change the video setting from 480p to 2160p(4k)


Images sourced from: Getty Images, The Hindu, IBNLive, Cricketcountry, Skysports, The Guardian, ICC Cricket, Dawn, SportsKeeda, Tribune, Cricinfo, Hindustan Times.

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