20 Wonderful Facts About Bangalore Even Bangaloreans Are Unaware Of

11:00 pm 12 Aug, 2014

You live in Bangalore, love Bangalore and there is no other place in the world you would rather be. But, are you sure you know everything about this fabulous city you are in love with? It is easy to say that Bangalore is the third largest city and fifth-largest metropolitan in India or that everyone is awe-inspired by its pleasant climate and beauty which are well known facts. There is much more to Bangalore than this. Let us surf through some wonderful facts about Bangalore (not all may be wonderful but facts worthy of attention) to check out how much we know it.

20. Elevation

At the height of over 3,000 feet (914.4 m) above sea level, Bangalore is situated even above Dehradun (630 m). No wonder the city enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

19. Electricity

In 1906, Bangalore became one of the first cities in India to have electricity from hydro power, powered by the hydroelectric plant situated in Shivanasamudra. The building in City Market was the honored recipient of first electricity.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

18. Silicon Valley

Everyone knows that Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, but how many know that the city houses 212 software companies in its heart?

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

17. Lakes

With more than 200 lakes and tanks, Bangalore could boast of highest number of lakes earlier, but most of them are untraceable due to land encroachment and have been replaced by bus stands, Golf courses, playgrounds and residential colonies. We can say Bangalore accounts for highest number of lakes erased from the map.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

16. Stray Dogs

Every 5 minute a person is bitten by stray dogs in Bangalore. The ratio of dogs vs. humans is 1:37.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

15. Drinking and smoking

The once Garden City is now become the Pub Capital of India as well, due to disappearing gardens and appearance of pubs. Bangalore also records highest number of cigarette smokers in India. We have bright future, sigh!

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

14. Suicide Capital

Though Bangalore is a pleasant place to live in, somehow it doesn’t stop people from taking their own lives. The National Crime Records Bureau shows 35 suicides per 100,000 people in Bangalore, thus acquiring the name of Suicide Capital of India.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

13. Engineers

You may have seen it raining dogs and cats, but in Bangalore you will see it raining engineers. Bangalore has highest percentage of engineers in the world, with more than a million IT professionals making the city their home.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

12. Engineering Colleges

Wonder where the engineers are raining from? Bangalore has 21 engineering colleges which is highest in any given city. In addition Bangalore University has 57 Engineering Colleges affiliated to it, which is again a record in itself.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

11. True Cosmopolitan

The population of local Kannadigas in Bangalore is less than 41%.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

10. Traffic

Stuck on road once again? No wonder, since Bangalore has Bangalore has the highest density of traffic in India.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

9. Neat and Clean

Think before disposing that empty chips packet or banana peel on the roads of Bangalore. It is so far considered one of the cleanest cities in India; let’s keep it that way.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

8. Foreign Connection

Except for the Gulf Region, Bangalore sends highest number of professionals abroad, especially to USA.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

7. Growth

The Forbes magazine considers Bangalore as one of “The Next Decade’s Fastest-Growing Cities”. The last 2 decades has seen tremendous growth of the city.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

6. IT Companies

Bangalore contributed to 33% of India’s INR1442 billion IT exports in 2006–07.Infosys and Wipro, India’s third and fourth largest software companies are headquartered in Bangalore.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

5. Biotechnology

Bangalore is the base for nearly 47% of the 265 biotechnology companies in India, including Biocon, India’s largest biotechnology company.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bangalore – cite_note-biorank-141 So, it is not only about IT companies.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

4. History

Though it is widely assumed that Kempe Gowda was the founder of Bangalore city, records found in Begur referring to the city from 890 CE shows it has much older history.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

3. Etimology

Before being called Bengaluru in local dialect, Bangalore was known as Bengalval –Uru meaning ‘City of guards’. Another story originates from Hoysala king Veera Ballala, who when being fed boiled beans called the place ‘Benda-Kaal-Uru (land of boiled beans).

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

2. Bangalored

No, that is not the past tense of Bangalore, but a new word frequently used by the Americans which refers to workers being laid off because their jobs have moved to Bangalore through IT Outsourcing.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

1. Lalbagh

At the heart of the city is Lalbagh, which covers an area of 240-acre. Apart from more than 1000 species of flora and fauna, Lalbagh is home to The Lal Bagh Rock, one of the oldest rock formations on earth, dating back to 3,000 million years and many trees that are more than a century old.

Wonderful Facts About Bangalore

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