21 Reasons Why You Too Should Fall In Love With Rain!

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6:00 pm 20 Aug, 2015

 Yay, It’s monsoon! said no one ever.

We keep waiting for summers when its winters. We keep waiting for winters when it’s summers. But who waits for monsoon? I hate rains. They make my hair frizzy, they stain my shoes brown and they make me stuck in traffic for hours. Rains are no more a delight. They have become spoilers; both for my plans and my good crisp whites.

The only reason I’m okay with them, is because, they kind of make a farmers day. That’s it.

But I think it’s high time I fell in love with it. So let’s list down some reasons which can finally make us love rain again, just like good old days.


1. They give us good excuses

They might be spoilers for our plans sometimes, but they are undeniably one of the best excuses to cancel few plans too. Or maybe when we want to take a day off. Or maybe when we want to do better things at home.


2. Better things = pending work

Now that we are home, we could do so much. Some pending bills, office work, blog posts, presentations, cleaning our cupboard, cooking something delicious… Ah, we are gonna kill the list today!

3. Or just relax

How about curling up next to the window, reading a book, watching TV, sipping hot chocolate? Sounds good!


4. They are scientifically therapeutic

Listening to the pattering raindrops on rooftops is known to be the most relaxing and peaceful music to the ears. It’s actually healing for human body.


5. Nothing feels nostalgic like rain

Just another excuse to become all poetic and thoughtful. They bring out a really creative and whimsical side of yours. Put it to good use.


6. They are great for love

It must be for a reason why all great love stories have at least one rainy shot. It is indeed romantic.


7. They are dramatic

Rains are out and out Bollywood. Whether you want to cry over a lost love or just feel the love in all its glory, Rains are perfect! No one is questioning you. You are your own Shahrukh Khan!


8. They look spectacular in pictures

They do look beautiful in pictures and you can happily Instagram them. No one would mind a pretty cheesy caption to it either!


9. They really make the weather pleasant

A good rainy day brings down the temperature, washes away the dirt and sometimes sing sweet breeze too…after a long spell of dry summers!


10. Another excuse to EAT

Baarish and no pakode? Maggi? Momos? Ice Cream? Chhole bhature?

11. They create ultra-cool reflections

Its crazy to look at those clear puddle reflections. Maybe, water-clogging isn’t that bad.

12. Good music on FM!

Rains do make the RJs back up some cool music. Finally!!


13. We get to skip watering the plants

Plants and leaves look so clean and green. We can sit back.


14. No rains mean no colorful umbrellas

We might hate rains, but we adore the colorful umbrellas it brings. Irrespective of the fact how we much we venture out in the rains, we all have them in pinks, florals and pastels.


15. They make pigeons look really cute

Don’t they?


16. They make peacocks dance

I might not be dancing to it, but watching them dance is bliss!


17. They make the mud smell of heaven

No rains mean no gilli mitti ki khusboo. NO!


18. They make for amazing drives

Oh yes, when there are no cars honking, no water clogging, they do. The right music and the right road can do wonders for sure!


19. It feels good to feel the rain

No denying, it certainly does. When we put our palms out there and it tip-taps on it till it forms a little pool which flows like a mini waterfall. I like that feeling.


20. Getting drenched

It’s a blurry memory. It’s convincing me to go out and do that soon. I think we must be reminded of this quite often.


21. It’s because of them why rainbows exist

The soft, yellow Sun after the rains feel gorgeous on skin. More so for the fact that when it blends in all seven colors, it’s pure magic!


These reasons are now asking me to go out and feel the rain once again. Its been a while since I’ve showed some love. How about you?

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