This 20-Day-Old Malnourished Girl Couldn’t Survive As There Was Nobody To Help Her

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11:12 pm 1 Sep, 2016

A 20-day-old girl was suffering from malnourishment but there was nobody to help her. And when the help arrived, it was too late.

As reported by NewsBits, the baby was born in remote tribal village in Madhya Pradesh. Her mother, 19-year-old Jasoda, died eight days after delivering the baby at home. Her father, Sujan Singh, 22, is at Jaipur working as a manual labourer.

Banwari Saharia, who was taking care of the baby along with four minor children of himself, couldn’t admit her into hospital–which is 50km away– due to financial constraints.

Also, being a tuberculosis patient, he had limited capacity of movement. His wife Rajkumari had gone out to earn a living.



After the intervention of social activist and block medical officer, the baby was admitted to Shivpuri Sick Newborn Child Unit (SNCU) for treatment.

However, it was too late as she succumbed to her illness.

Such is the condition in our country. What was the 20-day-old girl fault if the government couldn’t provide the services?


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