18 Striking Pieces Of Street Art That Reveal The Cold Truth Of Our Dying Earth

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2:00 pm 4 Oct, 2015

Rich are getting richer. Poor are getting poorer. Forests are getting barren. Rivers are flooding.

Polar bears are dying. New skyscrapers are coming to life. But who cares?

These amazing graffiti and street art styles on the walls of a busy city are a tight slap on our faces who are too proud to look down on the Earth we are standing on.


1. Sip on..till it lasts

This illustration so powerfully depicts the sucking up of earth’s resources by the tyrant gold. Also, notice the crown details.

2. Of dying polar bears. If only we could buy a new Antarctica

Money can buy everything. I wish!


3.  Kill the air. We only breathe it.

Its time we decide the priorities.

4. How about a trash pie?

Yes sir, loaded with extra plastic and toxic topped by few green crumble for taste. Enjoy!

5. Once upon a time

See how this illustration merges with the real trash.


6. 24*7 news , 24 pages in one line

The crust of all that we read and hear. This is exactly WHY it is all happening.


7. Drop by drop.. We are losing time.

But then let’s warm the globe till we drown in it.


8. None of us will believe in it till it actually happens.

No one thinks about death. Until its right in front of your eyes.


9. Pooping out skyscrapers

Eh, that shit is getting REAL!


10. Down the drain we go!

11. Watering plants was a way of life…not anymore

The day this tree will dry out, the illustration will stand so meaningless.

12. Munch on those trees

They won’t last for long!

13. The beef lovers, listening?

How can one breathing, living creature kill another? Better yet, EAT.



14.  We don’t OWN the EARTH

Who are we to sit back and watch a member of our Earth fraternity entertain us?

15. Burned out!

This illustration could soon emerge on our TVs as live news.

16. Trapped in zoos where death is the only taste of freedom.

Try sticking to that position for half a minute. Or try being trapped there for a whole lifetime.

17. The murderers are known.

So will you arrest them?

18. Come on, you can do it!

Eh, hard work till the last breath – which by the way is coming soon.



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