15 Funny Photoshopped Images of Popular Celebrities

1. Edward – Bella!!! Where are you ?

Bean – She’s gone now i’ll play the role of Bella 😀

2. I am playing the role of an alien in Men in Black 4 – Will Smith

3. Woody Harrelson or Woodelia Harrelson?

4. This is the metro sexual look for my next movie – Robert Pattinson

5. Bieber for president!

6. Back to the golden days of Harry Potter

7. Scarlett Jobaldson

8. A demon ruined my life – Matt Damon

9. Mitt Romney adorning the face of loss

10. Hello! I am Willa Smith

11. Katie Cruise 😛

12. Scientists have discovered a new specie

13. Mr. Gaga

14. The perfect couple

15. Nicole Cage


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