12 Things You Must Do if You Are a True Gamer

Be it first person shooter, strategy, adventure, driving or any other genre you can simulate anything you can imagine through the astounding world of gaming. We play games for one simple reason – “To get a feel of doing unimaginable things”. Over the years we have seen endless number of games that turned legendary and have gained immense popularity. Gaming is not only a hobby, it’s a passion that cannot be compared to other things. With ever growing technology and the incredible talent behind the games we can assume many different kinds of persona, from corrupt leaders to heroic soldiers to superhuman fighters. You can dive into a ocean, invade a territory, destroy planets, or even fly in the space and the best part is that all you need are a set of skills that you learn gradually as you progress through the game. In short, with each passing day the world of gaming is expanding beyond the set boundaries. If you love gaming you must go through this article and you will definitely find each point intriguing.

Use latest graphic drivers

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerIf you play games on your laptop or desktop computers you will definitely want the game to be free of glitches and as detailed as possible. All new games that are being developed are trying to bridge the gap between real life conditions and gaming scenario. So in order to get the real feel you must get your graphic card upgraded with the latest driver. You can check the driver updates on the manufacturers website. Many games won’t even run if you use obsolete graphic cards. You must also check the specifications before purchasing any game.

Never use cheat codes

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerIf you want the best gaming gaming experience then you must avoid using cheat codes. The basic idea behind gaming is hampered by using cheats. Cheat codes introduce unusual advantages or features, usually to make game play easier. Gaming is all about accepting challenges you face and finding your way out of it to get victorious. Cheat codes will indeed make the game  play easier but will also make you lose interest in the game.

Waiting for game sequels is actually worth it

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerJust because movie sequels often turn out to be disastrous doesn’t mean that the same rule applies to video game sequels. Game sequels are normally better than the previous part. You may finally get some weapons, combat styles and high end action that you craved for in the previous version. One thing you must remember is that all manufacturer’s care for their customers needs. So just in case you think that the noble suggestion that you mailed them didn’t count then play the sequel to confirm it!

Check reviews first

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerIt is very important to check the game ratings before you decide to play any game. You might waste a lot of money and valuable time in purchasing a game and ultimately end up hating it totally. There are many websites like IGN.com, Gamespot.com and CNET.com that provide in depth reviews after a game is released. Reading reviews will also help you to determine whether a particular game suites your interests or not.

Maintaining the right posture

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerAlways maintain the right posture while playing games or you might end up having cramps or backaches. It is essential to take breaks and stretch your body if you play continuously for long hours. In order to avoid a major health condition it is highly advised to keep your body active while playing. This will not enjoy intensify the gaming pleasure but also keep you fit.

Play different genres of games

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerMost people get stuck with one particular video game genre. You must not keep yourself restricted to any particular genre in order to develop your skills as a gamer. This will not only deteriorate your interest after each game you play but will also constrict you to get the most out of the world of gaming.

Try classic games

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerYou must always take out some time to play classic games as they are the ones that laid the foundation of modern gaming scene. The basic ideas that evolved into games that portray a real world model was provided by these games. History of gaming is very old and each new advancement was done based on the basic elements of game play that were thought off and implemented decades ago. It will also make you understand how the gaming industry evolved gradually.

Join online forums dedicated to  the games you play

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerIf you are a real gaming enthusiast then you will definitely love to interact with others that share the same passion. For this the best place would be to register yourself at a online forum dedicated to what you like playing. You will not only be able to relate yourself with other members of the community but it will also be a reliable platform to learn new things. If you think that game companies pay reviewers for excellent ratings then honest opinions at a good forum is something you can place your bet on.

Reduce the impact on your controllers

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerYou cannot fire a bullet with greater intensity or speed if you press the controller button with more than required pressure. This is something that must be taught to a majority of gamers but nobody can deny doing this at some point of their lives. You must make sure that you don’t apply unnecessary impact on your controller to ensure that it lasts long. Electronic equipments can break easily if they are not used properly. If you love gaming so much then you must also love the gadgets that make it possible.

Pre Order

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerGame manufacturing companies often offer a decent discount or extra content to those who pre-order their games. For this you must check the manufacturer’s website 1-2 months before your favorite game gets released. These bonuses are majorly in the form of insider tips and features that might be available for only those who order the game in advance. These limited edition versions will make you feel good and enjoy the game even more.

Face of gaming is changing

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerIn the modern era technology has reached unimaginable heights so it’s pretty obvious that gaming won’t be spared off the benefits. All the minute detailing like cut scene integration, texture detailing, shadows, movements, realistic appeal, storyline, sound etc. are planned in depth so that none of the detail is left in a lacklustre form. The level of human interactivity is increasing with time. We can very well get into the character we are playing and imagine ourselves performing astonishing maneuvers while playing the game. All the minor glitches are taken care of and even the least noticeable issues are being resolved these days.

Never say that “It’s only a game”

12 Things You Must Know if You Are a True GamerWell this advice is basically for casual gamers and for those who don’t play at all as a true gaming enthusiast won’t ever utter these words. Playing video games is a passion that a huge number of people inhibit. There are a huge number of people that dedicate a certain amount of time out of their schedule to gaming. Relating gaming to religion might appear to blow out of proportion. But if we analyse the minds of gamers then we can very well conclude that playing games is indeed a part of their lives that they cannot even imagine to lose hold of.

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