12 Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days To Celebrate

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3:00 am 28 May, 2014

The world is headed steadily on a one way road to weird and crazy. Most of us come home in the evening or meet our families on a regular basis. Yet we feel the need for Mothers and Fathers and Sisters and Brothers Days to show them we care. Since when does love need a day for expression? Love or longing for something thing is a state of a mind that needs no special day of commemoration. All said, there is a day for almost everything in the universe. The people who love something have pulled out all stops to get it recognized on the calendar. Have a look at some of the silliest and weirdest dedication of the human mind-

12. 4th Dec, Wear Brown Shoes day

Are you bored of wearing black shoes everyday? Add some color and turn up at work in brown shoes for a change.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

11. 19th Nov, Have a Bad Day Day

This was specially created for people who work in the customer service department of a company and are completely sick of saying – ‘Have a nice day ‘. And also for those who are equally sick of hearing it. In the most polite terms, wish everyone a bad day.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

10. 22nd Oct- Caps Lock Day

This day commemorates the campaign for the removal of CAPS Lock from the QWERTY keyboards. People should stop shouting in the virtual world is the aim of these people. They want to get rid of this annoyance once and for all.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

9. 7th Sep, Salami Day

You are encouraged to go on culinary journey in the gastronomic delight called salami. Throw a salami themed party and probably ask alls your friends to dress up like one. A cured, air dried, fermented, needs a day for commemoration? Decide for yourself.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

8. 5th Aug, Underwear Day

Some people wanted to shed light on the ‘unmentionables’ and were determined to restore them to their right full glory. Every year on this day in New York, a flash mob struts their booty and celebrates this day with complete abandon and confidence.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

7. 10th Jul- Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Take your bored teddy or any other favorite stuffed toy pout for a picnic in the woods, or for a stroll in the park. But watch out for the cops they might just ask you a few questions when they see you talking to a stuffed toy.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

6. 2nd June, Leave the Office Early Day

We all love to go home early from office. This day encourage you to rest, take a break and have an attitude check. However, don’t forget when you come back next day remember to clear up the previous days back log first.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

5. 8th May, No Socks Day

Go barefoot for the day and enjoy foot freedom for a day. I wonder who thought of it in the first place. How many of us need a day to take off our socks? Let’s put off global warming and discuss this first.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

4. 8th Apr, Be Kind to Lawyers Day

A day to be nice to the lawyers, and let them off the hook for a change. Wine them dine them and appreciate their hard work. Maybe go a step forward and get them lawyer themed gifts.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

3. 10th Mar, Fill Our Stapler’s Day

This is a super serious problem faced by the world today and this day is celebrated in an effort to get rid of this menace. What are we talking about? The momentary irritation you feel when you go to staple something, only to find there are no pins in the stapler.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

2. 9th Feb, Read in the Bathtub Day

On this day next year, unhook your phone, turn down the lights and pick up your favorite book. Now get in to a bubble bath with candles all around. For those of you who might get lonely, get a rubber ducky.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days

1. 5th Jan, Whipped Cream Day

Nothing beats this white devil that transports you to a world of pleasure and satisfaction when in your mouth. It is that delight that really needed a place on the calendar. Have an extra helping on this day of January next year.

Not So Special (Actually Weird) Days


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