The 12 Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

7:00 am 14 Jun, 2014

Prepare to be stunned!

Most of us are already aware of the fact that Indians have a culture of innovation from ancient times. Be it astronomy, gaming, medical science, or designing complex communication systems, Indians scholars have showed the path of discovery to the world.

From times immemorial, from inventing numeric zero to wireless technology of modern times, some astonishing facts were unleashed by Indian Scientists. Many Nobel Laureates have already emerged from the soil of India, who were recognized for their efforts in 19th and 20th century. In this list, we have tried to sum up some interesting utilities invented by Indians which played an instrumental role in preparing a roadmap for modern India. These 12 discoveries have been very influential in shaping the culture of current world where we live.

12. Plastic Surgery

If you believe that as earlier as 2000 BCE, there was no scope for plastic surgery, this fact might surprise you. Yes, Indians were pioneer in the medical field and so, plastic surgery was a reality in those times. Indian Physician ‘Sushruta’ was an expert of cataract surgery. The Chinese scientists along with Greeks learnt medical skills from him. They usually visited India to learn about the nitty-gritties of cataract surgery.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

11. Diamond Mining

Before people invented gold mines in the South American Countries like ‘Brazil’, India was the only source of diamonds for the entire world. Indians discovered diamond mines in Central India almost 5000 years ago. It was only in the 18th century, when diamonds were discovered in other parts of the world as well. Surat in Gujarat is known as the diamond city of India and heart of the world’s diamond cutting & polishing industry.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

10. Fiber Optics

Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany is world famous for his pioneering work in the field of Fiber Optics technology. While pursuing his PhD in Imperial College London, Kapany designed the optimal solution for transmitting data through glass channel, which made Fiber optics reality in communication. He is recognized as the ‘Father of Fiber Optics’ and an eloquent entrepreneur.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

9. Steel and Metal Industry

Indians were highly skillful in metallurgy almost thousand years before the West came to know about metal work. At that time, Indians were producing weapons made of high quality steel. The sword of King of Mysore ‘Tipu Sultan’ was made of Wootz steel which was a matter of surprise for French and English Colonel’s staying here in India during 18th century. Also the art of creating celestial globe without seams was invented in the Indian state of Kashmir.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

8. Ink

Indian civilization’s independently discovered a fluid for writing purpose. Later this was known as ‘Musi’ in ancient India. It is said that ancient saints used the sharp pointed needle made of peacock feather to note down their observations using musi.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

7. Flush Toilets

Indus Valley Civilization was first to discover and use flush toilets in their day-to-day life. From the remaining what the archaeology department has discovered, there existed a sophisticated sewage mechanism in most houses. The civilization was also prominent in hydraulic engineering as most homes were connected to a centralized sewage system.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

6. Number System

Around 200 BCE Indian Scientist ‘Pingala’ was first to describe the binary number system. Pingala is the author of one the famous and earliest known Sanskrit treatise named ’Chandahsastra’. Another Indian scientist ‘Virahanka’ was first to know about the Fibonacci number series. Brahmagupta- a pioneer in solving quadratic equations found the formula for solving such complex equations using decimal number system.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

5. Gaming Zone

The popular card game (Suit Playing) was known as ‘Krida Patram’ in the ancient time. Also the popular game of Snakes & Ladders was invented in India and later on passed to US & England. It eventually surprised the game pioneer Milton Bradley in year 1943, when he came to know about such interesting game. The Chess was known as ‘Chaturanga’. This was an ancient strategy board game developed in 6th Century AD to hone the skills of battlefield within the boundaries of a palace.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

4. Prefabricated Structures

The Mughal emperor Akbar invented the movable structure to build civil homes.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

3. Cotton and Button

The people of Indus Valley civilization were first to cultivate cotton for dressing while using buttons for ornamental purposes.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

2. Radio Waves

The credit of demonstrating the use radio waves for wireless communication goes to Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

1. Discovered Water on Moon Surface

The discovery of water on moon’s surface is attributed to ISRO’s Chandrayaan-1 mission. No NASA mission was able to make such revelation about lunar water.

Smartest Utilities Invented By Indians

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