‘Angry’ Indian Government Wants Bureaucrats To Learn From ’12 Angry Men’

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2:28 pm 24 Feb, 2016

The MPs, the MLAs, in fact most Indian politicians are always angry. And the Centre is at its angriest mood ever. But the government has prepared a module that would help bureaucrats in managing conflicts.

Fifty-nine years ago, Henry Fonda-starrer ‘12 Angry Men’ was released in theatres. It went on to become one of the finest movies ever made in world cinema.

Over the years, the subject of the film – which centers on one juror disagreeing with the other 11 over a judgement – became a lesson in conflict management in corporate houses.


Now the Centre will screen the film to train senior bureaucrats. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will work with the Centre on the two-day training module in which Group A officers from across the country will be participating.

The senior officials will learn:

1. The art of persuasion;

2. How to build consensus;

3. The power of influence in leadership;

4. To prepare ‘Life’s Balance Sheet’ on ethical conduct;

5. The need of listening to one’s inner voice;

6. To build stronger relationships in family and at work;

7. Why positive vision is essential at all times.


Some former bureaucrats are acting as facilitators of the training module.

Henry Fonda, who played the protagonist in the film, convinces jurors that a boy accused of murder is not guilty. With the situation in India today, one wonders why the Indian politicians themselves do not see the film and learn something.


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