11 Best Apple iOS 7 Features

11:54 am 13 Jun, 2013

Apple’s new operating system iOS7 is the biggest change in the iPhone since this amazing gadget was launched. This latest version of Apple’s iOS software with its biggest change since apple iPhone was introduced has attracted many tech companies. The new as well as upgraded features include :-

11. Multitasking:

This multitasking feature is introduced so that your app should not get any issues running at the back of the iOS along with its stylish previews.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features

10. Safari:

This Apple iOs 7 feature is upgraded and rebuilt which gives you highly satisfying controls, a new tab with a full screen attributes.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features

9. Photos:

A very cool app to codify your photographs into moments depending on your location and content.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features

8. Siri:

A very interesting new voice (male and female) feature which is updated with Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing integration giving you a sound wave at the bottom with its features. Also available in many languages.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features

7. Camera:

This feature is upgraded and totally redesigned along with photofilters.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features

6. App Store:

It will give you automatic updates based on your location sorted by age range. A new kid category has been spotlight for children based on their age.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features

5. Control Centre:

Control Centre is the new feature to access your basic settings such as Bluetooth, Airplay, Brightness and the Camera; you just have to swipe up from your home screen. It will give you a quick access like you might have seen in many other platforms. As you swipe your screen button you get quick shortcuts for basic settings that will ease out the loopholes which were missing earlier.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features


4. Air Drop:

Air Drop is an easy way to share your files with people near you or with your mac. If you want to send any photos or documents to someone who is sitting near you, this cool feature called Air Drop will help you show your active contacts who are close by. No setup is required and all your transfers are secured.


Best Apple iOS 7 Features


3. iTunes Radio:

This was Apple’s most rumored feature which was finally announced and got streaming response but it is only in US, as per information. This new feature iTunes Radio was sort of wild card entry which ultimately blasted while creating excitement in people. This app will be totally free for regular users.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features


2. Activation Lock:

Activation Lock is the cutting-edge feature added by Apple for its security adequacy. If someone steals your phone and tries to reuse it then that person won’t be able to do that. Moreover, if anyone wipe out your phone, they will be pushed to sign in with your Apple id and password. This feature is available in the beta today.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features



1. Car Integration:

Car Integration is the most stylish feature given by Apple. It will be a new platform that will polish your iPhone in your car display. Many companies were trying to get siri into automobiles but this added feature takes you into a whole another level. It will give drivers an optimized bracket for maps, messages and music.

Best Apple iOS 7 Features



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