10 Movies That Fall Into The Exception Of Being Better Than The Books

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6:00 pm 18 Sep, 2015

If you are a book lover you can understand the pain of hearing, “Abey read kyun kar raha hai? Movie dekh le story pata lag jaegi aur time bhi kam lagega.” Words like these prick from within. People who read knows what it feels to dwell in the characters and live their emotions page after page. Hence, we are pretty much hard-wired to believe that a book is always better than its movie adaptation. The adaptations can be good, of course, but they’re usually never better than the original book.

But as per the saying that exceptions are always there, we are here with a list of movies that worked way better than the books.


1. ‘Mean Girls’ based on ‘Queen Bees and Wannabes’ by Rosalind      Wiseman

‘Queen Bees and Wannabes’ was published as a guide for the teens and their tumultuous high school years. Though it did  not do much but became the basis of the movie ‘Mean Girls’. It is one of the most quotable teen movies that is admired by millions of people. With Tina Fey at the helm, the movie was really destined to come out on top. The book lacked the wit which the movie had.




2. ‘Jaws’ by Peter Bachley

The thrilling storyline of the book makes it good but it became incomparable when one heard the sound effects and the music the movie provided. The effects and the way the characters acted sent the movie way ahead from the book




3. ‘The God Father’ by Mario Puzo

No one could have made a better Vito Corleone than Marlon Brando. Yes, the book gives you a detailed structure of the plot but it definitely lacks the visual punch of the movie. The 1969 novel has no comparison to 1971 movie.




4. ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ based on ‘Madame Doubtfire’ by Anne Fine

While the book ‘Madame Doubtfire’ was left by the people under the dust, it’s adaptation ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ by Robin Williams made the audience roll on the floor laughing. People called the book a family friendly comedy whereas they welcomed the movie with open arms.




5. ‘Misery’ by Stephen King

Horror and thriller many a times suit movies better than books. ‘Misery’ the book is good but it’s terrific to watch the same storyline in the movie. Kathy Bates is amazingly creepy as Annie Wilkes.




6. ‘Psycho’ by Robert Bloch

The chilling story of the Bates Motel is just so much scarier on a screen — that infamous shower scene alone is enough to keep you awake for days, and that’s not something a book can convey. The movie and it’s psychological horror leaves the book way behind. Well in terms of money as well.




7. ‘Forrest Gump’ by Winston Groom

The fact that the beloved movie is based on a book is largely forgotten or not known at all. When most people think of ‘Forrest Gump‘, they probably think of Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is endearing as Forrest, and though the book offers a character that is just as lovable, he doesn’t have the dimension the movie has.




8. ‘Jurassic Park’ by Michael Crichton

Do I really have to say something about this? Isn’t this self understood? Watching an extinct species coming back to life with such awesome sound effects and VFX. Michael Crichton wrote the book 20 years before its imitation hit the box office. Steven Spielberg brought Michael Crichton’s heart-pounding novel to life, and in doing so, he created one of the most popular movie series of all time. It’s lived on for decades, so suffice to say, the movie wins out over the books.


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9. ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ by Truman Capote

 Audrey Hepburn is probably best known for her role in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, and with a career as prolific as hers, that’s saying something. The film is a longer adaptation of a short story by Truman Capote, but it blows the story away.

10. ‘Les Misérables’ by Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo’s novel is an amazing work of classic fiction. But something about seeing the ensemble cast act it all out, sing their hearts out, and make their way through Revolutionary France is so much more moving than the original book. Most classics are best left alone, but ‘Les Misérables’ is an exception to the rule.



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