10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

8:33 am 2 Nov, 2013

Life becomes monotonous and boring if you can’t cheer up yourself. We all go through trying circumstances that overpower us, but if this continues for too long, unhappiness will start consuming us. Also, worrying about every little thing in life is pointless, it will only add to our dismal. When the surroundings are short on happiness, it’s time we begin whipping up our own formula for being happy. It’s no rocket science to feel good again and kick away boredom; it’s only about digging ourselves for some happiness. Here are top 10 ways to trick yourself into not getting bored.

10. Share Your Troubles with Your Spouse:

In times of despair there is nothing better than sharing your troubles and with your loving spouse. Love is generally known to overwhelm our emotions. A warm hug from your partner can kill all the dullness that surrounds us in a single stroke.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

9. My Pet Makes Me Feel Good:

Pets can provide us with endless giggles and cheer us up when nothing else can. Spending evenings with our pet is a great way to enhance mood. Pets let us forget our worries and provide us unconditional and unprejudiced love all the time.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

8. Do You Believe In Workouts?

Experts say that a single session of workout can be a great mood elevator. Gyming is the best way of sweating out all your worries. According to recent studies the glow of exercise shows for the next 12 hours, thus infusing noticeable happiness in your lives. Thus, adopting a regular work out regime can have a long lasting impact on your mood.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

7. Regular Outings Create ‘Life’ In Life:

It’s a universal truth that people who plan regular outings have a better frame of mind than those who don’t want to break their status quo. Weekends are for change and should be properly utilized. A long drive with your family can be a great way of introducing change in your boring life.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

6. Volunteering For Social Causes:

If you are rich on cash, but low on peace of mind, make sure you get associated with some charity works at the earliest.  It’s all about spending your dollars and time with people who need them both. This will help you in two ways – one, it will make you realize that boredom is a self-inflicted trouble and second is that helping others is the best way to seek satisfaction and kill boredom. The more you remain engrossed in such social activities, the less time you have for getting bored.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

5. Humming Your Favorite Tunes:

Humming your favorite tunes can rekindle your motivation and keep you feeling lively. Singing songs that you like most prompts the brain to pump more dopamine. Dopamine production is turn is associated with the human mind experiencing greater happiness.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

4. Painting Your Canvass:

Our busy lives hardly spare us any time for leisure activities and this is the reason why, tediousness often comes belligerently banging on our door. If you are good at using your painting brush (and even if you aren’t) try painting the pictures of your imagination on canvass. You may even put all your worries in form of colors on paper tricking yourself into relief.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

3. Delicious Meals Kill Boredom:

What you eat reflects on your face and surely personality too. You must eat fresh food to be happier in your life. Even scientists believe that people who consume fresh vegetables and fruits (and say no to processed fast foods) lead better and happier lives. These foods are known to stimulate hormones such as serotonin in the body, which makes you feel lively, and stabilizes your mood. Serotonin is present in spinach and other green vegetables. Protein packed foods such as fish, meat and eggs produce pleasure inducing hormone named dopamine, which also makes you feel happier as often as you eat them.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

2. Say Hello to Smiling Faces:

Smiling faces often stimulate happy feelings. The kind of people with whom you socialize decides your mood for most part of the day. While happy peers can make your mood, depressed souls only mar your overall frame of mind. So, next time you are feeling low, find a friend who radiates happiness. If you don’t find such friends, hang onto laughter videos on YouTube than absorbing negative vibes standing alongside depressed people.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

1. Have You Ever Tried Gardening?

Gardening is always considered to be the best exercise for a depressed mind that is enveloped with a thick cushion of boredom.  Gardening is all about harvesting a new life; making seeds sprout into tall and stout plants. In a broader sense, it involves generating productivity. Creation of new life is always pleasure inducing and very satisfying. You drift away from all the vagaries of life while you are digging into soil and observe saplings growing into young plants. Thus, testing your green thumb can really help.

10 Ways To Trick Mind & Kick Boredom

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