10 Sweets That Are Pure Calcuttan

11:00 pm 1 Apr, 2014

You might have seen or heard from places uncountable that the gateway to a Bengali person’s heart is through his stomach—and, we are not trying to break this notion. But yes, give a Bengali anything to eat, he or she won’t ever be satisfied, so you must attempt hard to find out delicacies which stimulate their taste buds. And, since “mishti” is what a Bengali person craves for the most, we’ve got a list of Mishtis that are pure Bengali, and thus, a must after every Bengali spread. So, read on to find out more about those delectable fantasies—

10. Malpoa

You may have had many kinds of Malpua, but in Bengal, we make a different type of Malpoa. It’s like a pancake dipped in sugary syrup that’s not too sweet but quite strong. However, different other types of Malpoas are also found in the shops across Bengal, some like the “vada” look-alike form that tastes, nonetheless, well…sinful!


9. Dorbesh

It’s a Bengali variation of the pan-Indian laddoo. Dorbesh looks much like motichur laddoos but are made of boondis dipped in sugar syrup. Once in Kolkata, you’d find these at every Mishti shop—big and small alike, and the taste is definitely going to make you forget, if not totally discard, your Moong Ke Laddoo and Motichurs.



8. Sandesh

The basic dry mishtis made of simple chenas and milk, Sandesh is the staple sweet of the Bengalis which they love to eat daily. Found in myriad designs, colors and flavors, if you hadn’t had the Sandesh of Bhim Chandra Nag or Nalin Chandra or Girish Ch. Dey and Nakur Ch. Das shops, you’ve not savored the best of Bengal, yet! If you’re in Kolkata, watch out for the Cadbury sandesh and, of course, the flavored Sandesh from Girish Ch. Dey and Nakur Ch. Das!

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7. Pithe

What? You’ve asked 10 persons the recipe of pithe and got 10 different answers each time? Well, don’t worry; none of them were wrong actually. In Bengal, making this sweet is a ritual on every Poush Sankranti, when the women across Bengal make at least 5 or 7 different variations of the same sweet. According to legends, there are over 50 types of Pithes, among which 16 are the most famous ones! Although, till lately, you wouldn’t get Pithes at the shops, nowadays, they do make very nice pithes as well. Do give it a try!


6. Lady Kenny

There are numerous dilemmas regarding the nomenclature of this “mishti”. According to some, it was dedicated to Lady Canning’s arrival in the city, while according to others, Lady Canning loved to eat this sweet—hence the name. Prior to that, in different shapes, these would be available in the market as “chomchom” and “lyangcha” (these names are still prevalent). It is akin to the pan-Indian Gulab Jamun, of course, with its own sweet twist that we heart! A must-have dish it is!

Lady Kenny

5. Mihidana

This is a besan or gram flour based fried sweet that is later soaked in sugar syrup. Yes, it is quite painful to make Mihidana—however, the end product is worth all the pain and wait! Although you get mihidana at all the shops in Bengal, do try and have this from the shops in Burdwan, a district in Bengal, barely 2 hours from Kolkata! We bet, you’ll love hazards of troubling so far once you savor this delicacy!


4. Sheetabhog

Again another delectable sinful indulgence from Burdwan, Sheetabhog apparently got its nomenclature from being Goddess Sita’s favorite dessert. Her favorite or not, clearly it’s one of the favorite sweets of Bengalis across the world and looks like delectable ensemble of noodles of kheer and chena, sparsely decorated by gulab-jamun look-alike miniscule sweet balls.


3. Bonde

Good ol’ Boondi soaked in sugar syrup over night produces this mesmerizing delicacy that we love to eat in the morning with our favorite Luchi. The festive breakfast of all the Bengalis!

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2. Paera

Yes, we know, you’d say that UP makes far better paedas—well, we don’t wish to entangle ourselves in any controversy. Just check out “our” paera at any store inside the Kalighat Temple premises, and we bet you’d also repeat this slogan with us: “no one can eat just one”!


1. Roshogolla

Is there anything more to say about this delectable delicacy that tickles the taste-buds of gastronomes around the world? Roshogolla is the identity of Bengal—say anything against the Bengalis, they won’t react; but a thing against their beloved Roshogolla, and you’re gone! Anyway, did you know that it is one of the easiest sweets to make?!


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