10 Summer Must Haves To Give Your Dull Summer Face That Pop Of Color

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8:15 pm 13 May, 2016

Summers may sound perfect and dreamy in movies, but if you experience Indian summers, you’d know it’s anything but that.

Scorching heat and sultry sweat take away the natural glow of our face, making it appear dull and lifeless. If you don’t go by the basics, even an high-end foundation can melt away right in your face making you look like a fruity cake gone wrong.

So here are 10 must-haves for these coming summer months:

1. Rose water mist

Rose water mist preps up your skin while making sure your makeup lasts longer. A whiff in between the meetings can instantly freshen up your face. Rosewater tones your skin preventing breakouts due to toxic chemicals of make-up mixing with sweat. Spray it and instantly feel like a damsel straight out one of those slo-mo movie scene.


2. Color your eyes

Color contact lenses have become an amazing part of new-age make-up. The pop of color it gives to your face is incredible. Lenses in colors like aqua, violet, blue and green perfectly blend with the summer look while giving you an instant fresh breath of life without putting up much effort.

With this amazing range of summer must-have’s from Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Color lenses, you can totally give your heavy make up a miss while your eyes  do all the glam talk in this sweltering heat. The lenses are available in 36 shades and in fact, you can try which ones to choose for your eyes on their super-cool app.



3. Blush it on

While winters bring that natural pink glow to your face, summers take it all away. Give some cheeky glow to your face by using a blush and bring out some color to your drab summer face. In fact, give your lipstick or liner a miss some day and just go with that natural-looking blush on your cheeks.


4. Aqua Eyeliner

A dash of marine hint in your eyes will instantly bring out the coolness in your face. A shade of blue on eyes not only stands out but gives your face that much needed color. Get some inspiration from Priyanka Chopra rocking this uber-stylish aqua look in



5. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe vera gel is definitely God’s sent gift to women on Earth. No matter what summer woes you’re tackling with- sunburn, rashes, tan, dry hair or patchy skin- aloe vera gel is your summer must have. Buy it from an organic story or pluck a leaf from your home-grown plant and rub it on your skin. The cool gel is a must have to give you a glowy summer skin.


6. Lip Balms

Pick balms in strawberry and mint flavors to give your lips a fresh and moisturized feeling. Lip balms come handy in doubling up as hair fixers or replacements for blush or eyeshadows. This essential need to be present in all your handbags. Never underestimate the power of a quick dash of lip balm.

7. Fuchsia lips

Even though lip balms do a great job in moisturizing your lips, a lipstick or gloss in fuchsia pink amounts to a perfect pop of color on a dull, tired face. Scrub your lips alternatively to avoid lipstick settling as fine lines on dry lips. Match your lipstick color with your eye lenses for that uber-sexy look.


8. Scream sunscreen

Sunscreens are called essentials for a reason. Apart from keeping that tan at bay, they protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Sunscreens are a great base for your makeup and in fact, these days a lot of cosmetics come packed with SPF. Notice them carefully when buying a cosmetic product. Screening your skin from the sun, you’ll be saving a lot of work on your skin.


9. Highlighters and Illuminators

They are such quick fixes to almost every dull summer skin. Dab a bit on your high points- like nose, cheek bones, forehead, and chin. Using these can literally save your face ton of make-up making you glow in a jiffy. Great for photographs, these can be replaced by Vaseline or scarcely used facial serums- just in case you are in a fix.


10. Facial wipes

Last but not the least, facial wipes are an indispensable part of summers. They not just save you a wrecked up make-up look but also wipe off  dirt and sweat keeping your skin pores healthy and clean.


Now that your eyes are giving that cool, marine feel to your face with Bausch & Lomb’s summer range, go and bask in the glory of the sun and pour yourself some summer wine.

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