10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

4:06 am 30 Oct, 2013

If anyone can be rated for solid consistency and instant likability then Morgan Freeman is the name that comes to mind before others. The man acted in almost every kind of genre, be it comedy, drama or thriller. The career that spread over six decades has to its credit some perfect jewels such as ‘Invictus’ and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’. Because of his authoritative presence, character and deep voice, Freeman is truly regarded as one of the legends of Hollywood in the last many years.


10. Se7en:

If you are into thrillers then Se7en is film that is a must see. Perhaps, one of the very best thrillers in the 90s, the movie stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as two detectives in search of a serial killer. Morgan with his splendid acting persona easily dominates the proceeding for major part of the show.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

9. War of the Worlds:

Known for his authoritative style of dialogue delivery, Morgan Freeman brings out certain poise and fatherly touch in his voice that forces the listener to remain glued to the screen. The movie by Steven Spielberg earned mixed reviews from movie critics but Morgan received thumbs up from one and all. This Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg collaboration is worth a watch for this great actor.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

8. Glory:

This 1989 released movie was more discussed for the acting prowess of young Denzel Washington. But in actuality it was John Rawlins (Morgan Freeman) who kept the momentum rolling with his no-nonsense attitude and straight & sensible talking. Particularly in the silent scenes, Morgan produced his patented tap and unforced warmth accompanied by his trademark ease.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

7. Deep Impact:

Those who have missed this picture have really lost out on something in their life. Deep Impact was released in the year 1995 and Freeman played the role of American President with a task of saving the world as a comet is about to strike the earth. His epic role was praised by one and all and gave him world audience in a true sense for the first time.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

6. Million Dollar Baby:

Hillary Swank won Oscars for her performance of female boxer in the movie while Freeman also bagged the Best Supporting Actor Award. This 2004 release is a nicely paced drama based on a solid script.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

5. Driving Miss Daisy:

This 1989 released movie adapted from the play by Alfred Uhry of the same name is about a lady named Daisy and her black middle aged driver Hoke (Morgan Freeman). The movie that is a wonderful comedy won four Oscars. After this flick, Morgan graduated from being a supporting actor to a full-fledge A rated star.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

4. The Shawshank Redemption:

If you haven’t watched this classic picture, then make sure this weekend you are planning this one on your TV. Watch it for no one else but Morgan Freeman. This 1994 critically acclaimed movie was completely different from the other prison movies on the rack. Again, it was his capability and signature touch that prevented the movie from turning out into another of those conventional prison flicks.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

3. Evan Almighty:

Morgan Freeman in the character of ‘God’ in the flick was simply superb by any standards. Although, he was presented in the similar kind of role in one of his earlier movies named ‘Bruce Almighty’ along with Jim Carrey, Evan Almighty became more famous for the comic content it carried. Steve Carell also appeared in the movie. He introduced a funny soul into his otherwise serious character with precise subtleness, which only he could achieve.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

2. Street Smart:

Street Smart is considered to be the best crime thriller of its time (mid-80s). Other than Morgan Freeman, the other actors were Mimi Rogers, Kathy Baker and Christopher Reeve. The legendary actor earner an Oscar nomination for the role of an angry pimp called ‘Fast Black’. The role was very challenging but he executed it to utmost perfection.

10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

1. Invictus:

Starring as Nelson Mandela, Morgan Freeman alongside Matt Damon was one of the best movies based on sports theme. The movie was even nominated for Oscars. The movie was based on the story how Nelson Mandela united his people in South Africa in 1995 during World Cup Rugby matches to fight against the British oppression. Morgan Freeman was par excellence in the film.

  10 Movies That Made Morgan Freeman A Legend

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