10 Digital Wonders of the World

6:05 am 2 Nov, 2013

The world has changed a lot in the last 20 to 30 years and most of this has been the result of digital technology. It has grown at such a rapid rate that our life has changed completely from the way it used to be just a few decades ago. Some of these innovations and technologies are really wonders of the digital world but they have become such an integral part of our life that we tend to take them for granted and don’t realize how special these are. Here are 10 such digital wonders that have changed the way we live.

10. Open Source:

The whole concept of open source is related to the initial development of the internet which wanted to bring real freedom to the masses. With open source software anyone can get the source code and make adjustments to the software and make it better for everybody else. We’ve seen a wonderful collaboration of great minds from around the world to give us things such as Linux, Wikipedia, Android etc.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

9. Digital Photography:

Digital photography has taken photography and made it accessible to each and every one. The reason why today all of our devices carry a camera is because of digital photography. Video chat, instagram, face recognition etc. would all be missing if not for the innovations of digital photography.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

8. Graphical User Interface:

When computers first came out, they were very user unfriendly. Only experts in computer languages could use them. It was only possible with the development of graphical user interface that today’s personal computers and other devices were made possible. Otherwise only professionals might have been using computers today after spending some time learning the language first.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

7. Media File Compression:

Media file compression in the form of mpeg, jpeg, mp3 etc. has been a very important step in the evolution of digital technology. Because of these compression technologies we can deal with large amounts of data fairly easily. If not for them, it would have been impossible to develop the type of software we have today.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

6. GPS:

One of the greatest digital wonders of the modern world, GPS is a very important technological innovation. It was originally used for military purposes but today all our devices have GPS and we can all track our position here on earth using satellites in space. It is a great tool that we all use in one way or another. We might not even realize but our GPS location tracking is used by many products and websites.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

5. Fiber Optics:

The innovation that made the internet possible is the fiber optical cable. Without it, the internet might not have existed at all and if it did, it wouldn’t have been open to everyone and it would have been super slow. While you are reading this webpage, data is travelling all around the world in the blink of an eye to give you access to this website.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

4. Microprocessors:

Microprocessors were the important bit of link that led to the development of computers. The computers that existed before microprocessors were huge and slow. Special buildings were built to house just one computer that couldn’t even perform a fraction of the tasks your smart phone performs today. All this shrinkage in size was possible due to the development of the microprocessors.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

3. Smart Phones:

Mobile phones were a big step in the history of humanity as they changed the way we communicate. It led to globalization and significantly shrunk the world. Smart phones have taken another leap and made it possible for us to not just stay in touch with our loved ones but do all our work, take photographs and shoot HD videos, share them on the internet, play games, watch movies, listen to songs, all while being mobile.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

2. Personal Computers:

The second most important innovation in the digital world was the personal computer. It started with the desktop and then the laptop came along followed by the tablets and smart phones. These are all versions of the personal computer and it is basically an extension of human brain power and knowledge. We have the world on our fingertips today, literally.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

1. Internet:

The number one most amazing digital innovation has to be the internet. Without the internet you would still have been reading this article in a magazine or newspaper days or weeks after I wrote it, depending on where you lived in the world. Since I’m a fairly unknown writer most of the world would never have gotten the chance to read this article. But today, as soon as I publish this post, the whole world will be able to access it and read my thoughts.

10 Digital Wonders of the World

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