Government Busts 10 Demonetization Myths That Is Plaguing The Nation

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8:58 am 19 Nov, 2016

Putting people’s mind to rest, the Centre Government on November 18 posted 10 infographics on their MyGovIndia site, so as to bust 10 major myths that are plaguing the nation with regards to the Demonetization of Rs. 1000 and Rs 500 currency notes.

These infographics cover’s every query with regards to demonetization, be it about to Rs. 100 currency notes being discontinued, or the accusation that the move was leaked to major business houses in the country.

Here is what the government said,


To spread the correct information about the major move, the government has made sure that they tap all the major social media platform for it.and have thus shared it on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

They have thus also shared this information on their Twitter and Facebook pages and made their infographics shareable on WhatsApp so everyone can forward it to their friends.

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