10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

5:47 am 2 Nov, 2013

Kids have great minds but then they grow up. Everybody has some great ideas as kids but they never focus on them long enough to invent something new. It’s just that kids are creative and have a unique way of looking at problems and finding ingenious solutions. But there are kids who have managed to invent really cool stuff in between all the fun and games. Here is a list of 10 really cool things which were thought up by children.

10. Toy Truck:

The toy truck that can be assembled into different vehicles was invented by a 6 year old! Robert Patch came up with the idea in 1963 and got a patent for it. He just wanted something cool to play with and instead of pestering his parents for more toys he just set out to build one for himself. More kids should be like him.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

9. Trampoline:

George Nissen was a 16 year old gymnast who came up with the idea of building some type of bouncing apparatus to train on in 1930. He built one in 1934 with his coach, Larry Griswold for personal use. In 1937 he went to a Spanish circus and heard the Spanish word, trampolin, and added an e to the end and had the name trademarked. Now the trampoline is a household toy enjoyed by many children and adults.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

8. Braille:

Louise Braille was born in France in 1809. He was only 3 when he was blinded and went on to study at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth in Paris and there he invented the Braille language using raised dots organized in a pattern that can be felt with the fingertips to ‘read’ stuff. He was only 15 years old when he achieved this feat. Today Braille is used by all blind people all around the world.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

7. Earmuffs:

Chester Greenwood was 15 years old in 1873 when he got sick of skating in the cold and having his ears frozen over. He used two wires and asked his grandmother to sew fur on each end. He soon patented his device as ear protectors. Maine, where he was born celebrates his achievement on 21 December every year on the Chester Greenwood day.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

6. Popsicles:

The children’s favorite popsicle was invented by 11 years old Frank Epperson in 1905. He was playing around with soda pop powder and mixing his own flavors. One night he left a glass of soda pop out on the porch with a mixing stick in it. In the morning the soda had frozen and he got the idea for a new kind of ice cream. He patented his idea in 1924 and originally called in Epsicle but later changed it to Popsicle.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

5. Television:

Yes, that’s right, the television was thought up by a 14 years old kid. Philo Fransworth thought up the whole thing in 1920 while plowing a potato field. In 1926 he founded Crocker Research Laboratories to research and develop the first television. He later named his company, Fransworth Radio and Television Corporation.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

4. Snow Mobile:

Is there anything cooler than a snow mobile? I don’t think so and this really cool invention was thought up by 15 years old, Joseph Armand Bombardier from Canada. He took his father’s Ford Model T motor and attached it to a sled. 15 years later he started selling the B-7, the first ever snow mobile.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

3. The Sign Language Translator:

In more recent years, 17 years old, Ryan Patterson saw a sign language translator help place an order at Burger King on the behalf of a group of deaf people. He got inspired and developed a glove that senses the sign language being used and translates into English. First he used a display to show the words and later a voice box, technically enabling deaf and mutes to speak. He won a $400,000 scholarship in 2002 and met the President.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

2. Problem Pad:

Keagon Bolibol was 11 years old in 2007 when she was facing a problem. She was too messy with her math work and so started using a dry erase board to solve the problems before copying them down in her notebook. The next problem was that she couldn’t take the whole board to school with her, so she cut up a piece that fit perfectly into her binder and the problem pad was born. She entered Staples’ Invention Quest contest with her design and won.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

1. Urine Analysis for Cancer Screening:

Most of these inventions are related to stuff used by kids but 15 years old Ben Song and his 16 years old sister, Janet Song, came up with a painless way to screen for cancer by using urine analysis in 2010. Now both of them are working in Drexel University’s Labs to improve their concepts and have applied for a patent.

10 Cool Stuffs Invented By Kids

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