10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

6:18 am 4 Nov, 2013

Civil engineers build buildings, dams, bridges, tunnels, railway lines, canals etc. to improve the infrastructure of the country. Sometimes they build to dazzle and amaze tourists. Civil engineering is definitely an interesting discipline of engineering as you get to see what effects your work is having on the common men. Civil engineers have created some badass works throughout history. Let’s look at some such cool projects of civil engineering.

10. Channel Tunnel:

The Channel Tunnel is the 50.5 km undersea tunnel linking UK with France across the English Channel. It has the longest undersea portion in the world at 37.9 km although the Seikan Tunnel in Japan is longer in overall length. It was a major project that included 5 construction companies from both UK and France and 5 banks in total. The American Society of Civil Engineers elected the Channel Tunnel as one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

9. Trans-Siberian Railway:

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway line in the world. It connects Moscow with the Sea of Japan on the Far East of Russia across Siberia. Lines branch off to connect with Mongolia, China and North Korea. It is a work in progress and is still being expanded. It is a great marvel of civil engineering connecting the cold Siberian remote areas of Russia to the capital.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

8. Palm Islands:

Palm Islands in Dubai are an insane piece of engineering. The Arabs are building artificial islands in the sea that are shaped like palm trees. It will increase the beach area of Dubai by many fold so the tourists have endless beaches to get tanned on. They are also building a group of islands that will be shaped like the world and people will be able to buy individual countries!

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

7. Sidu River Bridge:

Sidu River Bridge in China is the highest bridge in the world at more than 500 meters from the gorge bottom. It is one of a series of bridges and tunnels through the mountains in China on the G50 Huyu Expressway that connects Shanghai and Chongqing in Western China. China has been building roads all across the country and over 50,000 miles of roads have been built already, taking over America as the largest road network in the world.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

6. Oresund Bridge-Tunnel:

The Oresund Bridge is a double track railway and road bridge that turns into an undersea tunnel halfway to Denmark from Sweden. The bridge starts from Sweden to the artificial island of Peberholm, from where it turns into a tunnel all the way to Amager in Denmark. It is a great piece of engineering marvel in the modern world.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

5. Delta Works:

Delta Works is a group of dams, sluices, locks, dikes, levees and storm barriers that protects the low lying areas of Netherlands which are lower than sea level. Delta Works along with Zuiderzee Works protect Netherlands from the sea and will be important as the sea level rises further in the future due to global warming. They have been considered as one of the modern wonders of the world.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

4. Eerie Canal:

Built in 1825, the Eerie Canal connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes and played an important role in the population surge in the state of New York and reduced transportation costs by 95% resulting in a great boom in industry and business. The canal contains 36 locks that end up raising boats and barges almost 170 meters from the Atlantic to Lake Eerie.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

3. Panama Canal:

The Panama Canal joined the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean and cut short the distance from New York to San Francisco by 4,000 miles. It was a great civil engineering project that was finished in 1914. Before this canal opened ships had to go all the way around South America’s Cape Horn and took 67 days on the 12,000 mile route. The Panama Canal changed the shipping business greatly by reducing this time.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

2. The Great Wall of China:

The Great Wall of China is a civil engineering marvel from the time when no one had formed the term civil engineering. But none the less a great amount of engineering was required to build this longest structure in the world. Even now no structure has come close to the 4,160 miles of the Great Wall. The fact that it was built when there were no modern techniques of engineering makes it even a bigger accomplishment of civil engineering.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

1. Pyramids of Giza:

The Pyramids of Giza are another masterpiece of civil engineering at a time when engineering hadn’t been imagined as a branch of study. Even today’s engineers are baffled by how the ancient Egyptians built these impressive structures. It is still a matter of debate as to how the massive stones were dragged that far and lifted that high. The precision of the architecture is another surprising thing about the pyramids.

10 Badass Civil Engineering Marvels

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