10 Animals Who Display Homosexuality

3:00 am 16 Jun, 2014

The animal world never fails to surprise. Scientific research has proved that above 1500 animals species practice homosexuality. Humans are definitely one of them, but this list will not include them. There is nothing unnatural in homosexuality and it can be very well gathered from this. What more? These animals practice homosexuality without getting fingers pointed at them from other members in their species. It’s a construct made by humans alone. Let’s look at ten such animals who have given enough evidence:

10. Dragonflies

Dragonflies are considered to be the most evolved among insects. But romantic or sexual relations are not the prerogative of heterosexual pairs. Recent discoveries have found out that there is a very high frequency of sexual encounters between same-sex couples. Their small size prevents us in getting to know more about them.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

9. Giraffes

Homosexuality in giraffes is noticeable in the young males. They engage in full sexual behaviour before forming sexual contact with the females.  Scientists have also said that they might do it to get familiarized with sexual practice. But taking into consideration their behaviour in same-sex outings, it is difficult to form such an opinion.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

8. Western gulls

Scientific research on the Channel Islands in California has revealed that 14% of all the gull pairs formed lesbian relationships. There have been nests of lesbian couples containing a large number of eggs. The males just help in the process of fertilization. These birds resemble albatrosses with similar mating styles. It is said that over-expressive gulls can even engage in mounting.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

7. Waterfowl and penguins

Black swans in Australia have showed homosexual behaviour along with a threesome. Male birds are more capable and dependable when it comes to raising of eggs. Male penguins have also got together to raise eggs and have been successful in it. They also engage in sexual practices common in heterosexual couples. The rate of same sex relationships have been increasing since then.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

6. African lions

The african lion stands for monarchy in the forests. Their society is typically patriarchal and the females are the ones given most of the work. However, male lions have displayed sexual behaviour among themselves by forsaking the females to form a close bond with each other. Sexual behaviours expected from a heterosexual pair have been observed on them. Scientists say that lions have the greatest sex drives in the cat family. This might be the reason why meaningful relationships are formed between males, and are not only sexual.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

5. Andean

They are songbirds who live in the forests. They are really beautiful birds with a colourful appearance and a whole lot of feathers. More than 40% of the males form homosexual relationships. The female birds have not yet displayed any such sign. The mating drive in these male birds is very high and developed and homosexual relationships allow them to express it. However, these relationships are not only physical.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

4. Bonobos

Bonobos are among the world’s most intelligent animals and are a very close relative of us humans. They look like small chimpanzees, but are a more loving species. They are good-natured and solve all problems in a loving manner. They are sometimes also known as the amorous apes. They form romantic and sexual bondage with others of the same sex. The females have a better social standing here. Males too indulge in same-sex relationships.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

3. Bottlenose dolphins

When social and cognitive abilities are concerned, dolphins beat any animal under the sea and are at par with chimpanzees and humans. Gay dolphins can last their relationship till 17 years or more scientists have discovered homosexual relations between male dolphins who tend to live in pods. There has been no trace of females in these pods. These male dolphins live like any other species, making romantic relationships, having sex and passionate contact. Dolphins have also displayed bisexuality.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

2. Laysan albatrosses

Scientists, who were studying the laysan albatrosses of oaho, found out in the year 2007 that 60% of the birds were females. Among them, 31% of them formed lesbian bonding. They develop extensive relationships that could last for years. These birds engage in sexual behaviours which are the ones found in heterosexual pairs too, like wanting to breed. Out of all the relationships, the lesbian bond is the strongest among them and a relationship can even last until 19 years! Their homosexual behaviour is still being studied and scientists assure of more surprising results.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality

1. Rams

Rams, the domestic ones, have been found out to be the most extensively homosexual mammals in the world. Scientists have discovered that about 8% of the male rams form male-male bonds. They are exclusively homosexual in that they do not keep any relation or contact with the females in their species. Apart from mating, they exist as any other couple and that too, throughout their lives. There is diversity beyond your expectations.

Animals Who Display Homosexuality


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