10 Most Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

11:00 am 6 May, 2014

So, finally it’s here—the dreadful Indian summers! Well, as you all know, summers in India isn’t all about the linens, the colorful cottons, the bandanas, sunscreen, shades and all those frilly accessories like the countries in the West. To us, summer is synonymous to sweaty and tanned bodies, itchy faces, and prickly heats and, of course, the perpetually unquenched thirst! But, thanks to the Indian Mothers, we have some homemade, traditional solutions for all these vices. Let’s take for instance the myriad preparations of delectable beverages that our moms wipe up for us every summer since ages. Here’s our top 10 pick for this season.

10. Roohafza

One of the oldest “Rose sherbet” that we know of, Roohafza has been the prime beverage for Indian summers since time immemorial. Have it with milk or with yoghurt or over ice cream or with plain cold water—this versatile syrup can change the taste of any bland juice to sheer delight! Did you just say that your mom prepares it in an innovative way? Trust the jugalbandi of your mom and roohafza to create wonders!\

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

9. Khus Khus Sherbet

It’s a drink that can revitalize all your senses even at the first glimpse of it. The emerald colored sherbet is mostly had with cold water with dollops of ice and tastes as much regal as it looks! Try it once, if you haven’t and beat the heat in a classy way!

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

8. Rasna

Ask any 90s kid what had been their favorite drink in their adolescence and early teens; Rasna is the answer that you’ll inevitably get from most! Available in myriad of colors and flavors, summers and kids’ party without Rasna is something unimaginable to most of us, and blah to the kids!

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

7. Thandai

Yes, it’s almost the same as the ones which set Holis on fire—just give the bhang amiss. This traditional Indian drink prepared from a concoction of milk, mewa, ilaichi, badam, kesar and rose petals is what every Indian heart yearns for in summers. And, yes! We bet you won’t be able to just stop at one glass of it!

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Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

6. Badam Milk

Have it warm or have it cold, Badam Milk is one of the most refreshing and tasty beverages that the mothers around the whole the country prepares solely for their kids. And, it’s one such beverage that you can have at any point of the day—and yes, it’s medicated too!

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

5. Jal Jeera

Indian summers come with a lot of vices, acidity being one of them. So, if you wanna survive Indian summers you’d want a cooler that would not only refresh and revitalize you but will also take care of acidity! Keeping this in mind, our moms mostly prepare us this rich blend of Indian spices—Jal Jeera and help us fight the summers with élan!

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

4. Lassi

This curd-based thick and rich beverage has been the unanimously referred to as the National drink of India! A cooling concoction of Curd, sugar (or salt) and a drop of rose essence is all you need to wipe up this gastronomic beverage.

Nowadays, you get this in myriad flavors—strawberry, mango, kiwi, rose and so on!

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

3. Chhanch

Essentially a Gujarati beverage, Chhanch (or buttermilk) is prepared from a simple blend of curd, lemon and salt! And, if you have time and energy to go a bit further (our moms always do!), then add some spices to it, and you’re all equipped to shine brighter than the sun for at least 4-5 hours at a stretch!

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

2. Nimbu Paani

The easiest and tastiest beverage that can be prepared in a jiffy at home is our good old Nimbu Paani or Lemon Water! Sprinkle a little black salt and black pepper over it and no one can stop you from going slluurrppp!

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

1. Aam Panna

Is there any fruit better and tangier than raw mangoes? Nah! Aam Panna, made from raw mangoes mixed with spices, hence can be termed as the perfect summer cooler that can beat the summer’s heat perfectly, and can be had everywhere, every moment! So, bring it on!

Amazing Summer Beverages Prepared By Indian Moms

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